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Backend Web Developer

Who am I?

A developer passionate by the web.

My name is Christophe Brachet.

I am a web backend developer and my job is my passion!

I mainly developed these skills during my experience of 2 and a half in the 360Cityscape startup in Talence (near Bordeaux). I currently live in Saint-Brieuc in Brittany in Côtes-d'Armor. I am autistic spray and I am actively looking for a job.

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  • Du 05/2017 au 06/2017

    PHP developer at Explograf

    • Website development under PHP CodeIgniter framework.
    • Administation developed in Knockout.
    • ORM Eloquent for database management.
    • Template Twig generated in database.
    • Bootstrap Frontend.
    • Backend in Zurb Foundation.
  • Du 12/2016 au 12/2016

    PHP Developer (Duty of confidentiality)

  • Du 12/2016 au 12/2016

    PHP Developer at Acantic Web Agency

    • Adding a Multimedia Process.
    • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery
    • POO
    • Mysql
    • M.V.C
    • Moteur de templaye Twig
    • Composer
    • Grunt,Bower
    • LEMP
    • PHP-DI
  • Du 02/2015 au 03/2015

    PHP developer for the computer-based management tool named Horizon

    • PostgresSQL Database.
    • PgAdminSoftware.
    • Smarty Template Engine.
    • ArgoUML Software.
    • Project Management Web Application : Redmine.
    • SVN Versioning tool.
    • SublimeText Development environment.
    • PHP programming language.
    • Object Oriented Programming (O.O.P).
  • Du 11/2013 au 04/2014

    Administrative Agent of the crédit agricole regional bank

    • Participation to Choral Doc documentary tool migration in a Microsoft environment (SharePoint and Silverlight)
    • Development of OPRI application (Information Planning and Regulation Tool) (VBA).
  • Du 07/2009 au 12/2011

    PHP / Symfony web developer

    • Apache Mysql Php Linux server setup on Debian production server (OVH host).
    • Secondary D.N.S Server setup (Bind9 Software)
    • SVN Versionnings Server setup on a company computer and using it
    • Programming Google Maps (Version 2) on the website.
    • Using the JQuery Framework during Ajax calls and dynamic interactions with Google Maps.
    • X.M.L data migration to the J.S.O.N format used for Ajax calls and REST Webservice.
    • Site optimization according to Axialog recommendations
    • Scripting coding in pure PHP and Symfony to retrieve data into 360cityscape database.This information came from different data sources such as tourist office and other ...
    • Migration from the old site in pure PHP to a Symfony site
    • Building and update of Web Service in R.E.S.T returning through the H.T.T.P flow of the JSON
    • Creation of Remote Panoramas.It was a frame to display 360cityscape's site 3DD Viwver on customer's sites.Access to these frames was through by an authentication / authorization HTTP Referer.
    • Correction and updates in the back office website : Interface admin updates allowing rights management concerning remote panoramas.
  • Du 05/2008 au 12/2008

    Windev developer at Malta Informatique (Internship)

    • Support for ta schedule in object-oriented programming (wlanguage).
    • Redesign of Titan Animation Module
  • Du 07/2007 au 12/2008

    MFC/C ++ developer

    Design of an UNDO / REDO module using Command, Singleton and Memento Design Patterns.
  • Du 07/2007 au 09/2007

    Windev developer at Spie Ouest Center (Internship)

    • Participation to Windev Migration project from version 5 to 7- Migration de code wlangage
    • Chicks management module integartion in a Windev project.
    • Routine to integrate data from a Microsoft Excel file into a PCSOFT HyperFile database.
  • Du 07/2006 au 09/2006

    PHP web developer trainee at D.E.O (Distribution Electronique de l’Ouest)

    Building an e-commerce website and its Backoffice.
  • Du 01/2005 au 03/2005

    PHP Developer at Eres

    Design the ERES intranet.
  • Du 05/2004 au 06/2004

    VB.NET Stagiaire pour le Foyer Rural des Alpes Mancel

    Development of an application to manage Kayak reservation in VB.Net.

My projects

Here,realised websites :


  • 2015

    DTP/INFOGRAPHY/MULTIMEDIA education - Greta (Vannes)

  • 2011

    SYMFONY2 Web Development Internship at Sensiolabs

  • 2008

    Expert in Computer Science and Information Systems (Master degree level) delivered by Supinfo International University

  • 2005

    BTEC HND (Higher National Diploma) in IT Management